Our Family Lawyers

Anthony Cinque

My main focus as a family lawyer is to help separating partners to safely and constructively navigate through their separation process to achieve fair, equitable and sustainable outcomes. I believe it is extremely important to do this in a way which promotes the integrity of their relationship with each other and their children.

I strongly believe in empowering people to make their own decisions about their post separation arrangements. I understand the importance of prioritising the interests of children to ensure that their welfare is safeguarded.

As a family lawyer, I'm committed to alternative dispute processes including collaborative practice, mediation and constructive negotiation.

I have practiced extensively in commercial and business law which enables me to deal effectively and efficiently with complex family law financial and property cases.

I believe that everyone should be treated with dignity and respect through the separation process and that my primary role as a lawyer is to facilitate discussion and negotiation which leads to consensus and agreement focused on the welfare of the family.

Email: ac@cefamilylawyers.com.au

David Edney

There is enormous responsibility assisting someone through one of the most difficult times of their lives - resolving the issues surrounding a separation.

I'm very conscious that there are a number of considerations, of which the legal is only one, to be taken into account. That's why there must be a close working relationship and understanding between my client and me to ensure the client's interests are met.

I am aware that if there are alternative ways of resolving matters without court then they should be undertaken if appropriate. It is for this reason that I have undertaken both training as a collaborative family lawyer and also as a mediator.

I have also worked for many years as an Independent Children's Lawyer representing children in court proceedings. As a consequence, I have a unique experience to be able to understand legal proceedings and the effects of separation from the perspective of children as well as parents.

I have extensive experience when it comes to complex financial matters involving financial assets, corporate entities and trusts. This, together with both academic and practical experience to understand those instructions, enables me to undertake where necessary extensive asset tracing and forensic auditing.

Professionally I continue to present papers to family lawyers with respect to children's and financial issues.

I am a past Chairperson of the Family Law Advisory Committee which is responsible for the assessment of practitioners who wish to become Accredited Family Law Specialists. Ihave also been a member of the Family Law Executive of the Law Institute of Victoria and Chair of the Children & Youth Issues Committee.

Email: de@cefamilylawyers.com.au

Jane Libbis

I like to help guide people through the maze of issues that arise after a separation while understanding that the general wellbeing of my clients and their children is paramount. When there are children involved, it's especially important to help people facilitate a positive environment for co-parenting.

My passion as a lawyer is to assist people through their separation in a caring, empathic and friendly way and I use my counselling skills as required. I believe it is important to help people to move forward with security and with dignity.

I am dedicated to assisting people to resolve their disputes outside of the court process where possible and am on the executive of the Victorian Association of Collaborative Professionals.

I see the role of a lawyer as not only a legal advisor and advocate, but also to act as a trusted ally and project manager to help you establish a new life.

Nothing gives me greater satisfaction than being contacted by a former client to tell me that they have moved on with their life and are stronger and happier than before.

Email: jl@cefamilylawyers.com.au

Jacque Philip

Having worked in the Family Law area for many years in a variety of roles before becoming a lawyer, I recognize the importance for my clients of maintaining dignity and harmony in their family relationships as they move through separation. My aim is to offer friendly, compassionate and straight forward advice to assist my clients in achieving the best possible sustainable outcomes for their family’s future.

I have also undertaken additional training in Collaborative Practice and Mediation and I am able to offer my clients alternative and more creative options to resolve matters without the need for court. I am a member of the Law Institute of Victoria, the Family Law Section of the Law Council of Australia, Victorian Women Lawyers Association and the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals (IACP).

Email: jp@cefamilylawyers.com.au

Lauren Copeland

My passion as a family lawyer is to help clients navigate through the legal system during what is often the most difficult time in their lives. I approach each client with both sincerity and compassion and believe strongly in adopting a holistic approach to resolution. My number one goal is to help clients achieve results in a respectful and dignified manner.

As a compassionate, empathetic and experienced family lawyer, I have the ability to explain complex issues in simple language and believe strongly in working co-operatively with clients to find sensible and pragmatic solutions to their cases.

Having extensive experience in all aspects of family law, I understand the importance of providing legal advice that is tailored to your individual needs and financial circumstances.

While I always endeavour to help clients find non-litigious solutions to their family law issues, I understand this is not always possible. In these circumstances, I use my extensive experience in litigation to assist my clients achieve the best outcomes for their cases.

Email: lc@cefamilylawyers.com.au

Tanya Lavan

I am deeply passionate about family law because it is an area of law that allows me to provide meaningful and constructive assistance to my clients with issues that are most important to them.

It is very rewarding to see the transformation of people from when I first meet them, to the completion of the process. I find it inspiring to see my clients become knowledgeable, empowered individuals who are able to make positive decisions for their families' future.

I have experience in dealing with complex financial matters and I work closely with my clients to reach settlements in a timely and financially effective manner.

I understand that relationship breakdown is extremely traumatic for couples, parents and children. My aim is to provide clear advice and empower my clients with the knowledge to make well informed decisions. I hope to guide and assist them through the complexities of the family law maze.

The rights and wellbeing of children are at the forefront of my priorities in negotiating parenting arrangements. I try to address the children's needs first which often requires thinking outside the box in terms of access and care negotiations.

I am also proud to have been a volunteer Solicitor at the Women's Legal Service of Victoria since 2009.

Email: tanya@cefamilylawyers.com.au

Sarah Pullan

Making decisions when separating from your partner is one of the hardest things to do. Many people forget that just as it takes two to make the relationship work while they're still married, it also takes two to make the relationship work after separation. I help my clients work through their separation and reach agreements that best suit their family.

My focus is on helping people maintain an amicable relationship with their former partner, while working through the issues confronting them in an understanding and efficient manner. I have found that by enabling my clients to understand their responsibilities to each other and their children, and by empowering them to understand the legal process, my clients can successfully work with their former partner to implement an arrangement that works for them.

For many people, after they separate, their financial circumstances and the way forward can be quite confusing. I assist my clients to understand their financial position and implement a practical and fair settlement protecting their future.

When children are involved, my priority is finding an arrangement that will work best for the children. Many parents are concerned that after separation their time with their children will mean that the nature of their relationship with the children changes. I encourage my clients to remain supportive of each other's role in their children's lives, as this will ultimately assist the children in processing the new relationship between their parents, and assists the parents in being able to trust each other and work towards joint goals for their children.

While it is usually those arrangements that are negotiated and agreed to that are best, sometimes this isn’t possible. When this occurs, I assist my clients to navigate the court process to finalise their relationship quickly and to achieve their best possible result.

Email: sp@cefamilylawyers.com.au