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CE Family Lawyers is a Melbourne-based family law firm passionate about finding effective solutions to the issues arising from separation and divorce that will work for the whole family.

We help people who are going through separation to achieve fair and sustainable outcomes which suit their individual needs, interests and goals through negotiation and agreement, rather than going to court.

Family Law Services

Working through a separation can be a difficult and traumatic time,
particularly if there are children involved.

Empowering you to move forward with dignity, integrity and security

We take the time to listen to your story before tailoring processes and outcomes that are right for you and your family and we engage other professionals, such as counsellors or financial planners to assist as required.

We focus on safely and constructively guiding you through the process.

We work to minimise conflict and promote agreement to maintain the integrity of relationships.

We also help people entering into a relationship to regulate their financial and other affairs through appropriate contracts, such as pre-nuptial agreements.